Born in Accra, Ghana & raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Sam is a  multi-instrumentalist (saxophones, ewi  5000,  & piano)  and  Renaissance Man (degrees in economics, French, and theology).
From  this diversity of  experiences, he lives life through the  blues, improvisation, and swing   aesthetics.

BLUES:    The blues reminds me to maintain hope during times of adversity. But hope is not to be mistaken for being naive about the things that cause adversity. So I choose to engage with life's challenges recognizing that they will not last forever and that "swinging back" at life's challenges is appropriate.

SWING:   Swinging teaches me the value of collaborating with and being supported by a core group of people with diverse experiences, skills, and  knowledge. Together we can bring new rhythms of life into our communities by empowering others to improv--to find their own voice and core group.

IMPROV:    This is the result of having the courage to embrace uncertainty and being willing to fail in a learning posture determined not to repeat the mistake. By improvising, I learn to be fully present and communally, intellectually, and emotionally engage with the others.

This is  a    recording from a rehearsal   where the  elements of blues, swing, and improv spontaneously emerged as Sam and the band began warming up: 


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